‘These are no snapshots. Acquiring this kind of imagery requires commitment. Long slogs through the countryside, backpacks full of gear, hours of waiting for the light to come just right. Wilson perfectly fits the romantic stereotype of the dedicated landscapist and that romanticism runs through this collection of striking, sometimes stunning, monochrome images.’ (Darryl Corner, Western Mail)


‘At the age of nineteen, just two years after taking up photography, David Wilson broke his neck and spine in a motorbike accident. His unquenchable desire to document his home county of Pembrokeshire kept him motivated through many years of rehabilitation; and how lucky we are that he kept going. This inspiring and contemplative collection of his black and white work offers up an intimate insight into the landscapes, seascapes, remote cottages and empty beaches that characterise this wonderful corner of south west Wales. Throughout, Wilson’s penchant for drama-laden skies and crashing waves mix easily with quiet river scenes and empty country lanes. It is clear to see how, despite or perhaps because of his struggles, he has achieved his dream of becoming a professional photographer.’ (Steve Watkins, Black and White Photography magazine)


‘Like any holiday area, Pembrokeshire has been pretty thoroughly photographed. But as a local I often struggle to recognise the cloudless blue skies and butter-coloured beaches of postcards and brochures. In the introduction to this collection of 50 of his most striking photographs, David Wilson says; “To interpret Pembrokeshire using the tonal blocks of monochrome is certainly a challenge.” But in my opinion, he gets a hundred times closer to the spirit of the place using a more limited palette. Reading the notes alongside each picture you get some sense of how patient and enduring he has to be to do this. Wilson works during the winter and on days when rain or frost add detail to the landscapes. Of one photo he writes: “I was in luck this day as it was dry and I only risked a mild bout of hypothermia.” The effort pays off. David Wilson’s Pembrokeshire certainly isn’t fluffy, often looks forbidding, but it solidly real.’ (Julian Rollins, BBC Countryfile magazine)


‘His passion is for black and white, and the quality of his work jumps out at you from every page… In Pembrokeshire, you are never far from the sea, and the pictures of the coast are some of the most beautiful. All are shot in dramatic fashion. The clouds are stunning and the light is superb. An excellent fine art work book that leaves you wanting to visit Pembrokeshire.’ (Andrew Seabourne Evans, the Royal Photographic Society Journal)



‘David Wilson’s photographs don’t flatter Wales, but by God they capture her essence. You have to look at these pictures with your metaphorical coat on. You feel the cold, searching sun and the scouring wind, and enjoy the harsh abstractions and the bare outlines. These are powerful images. They remind us that Wales has a stark and demanding beauty. She may be handsome, but she is certainly raw.’ (Griff Rhys Jones, foreword)


‘I have travelled up and down Wales as part of my work promoting Wales. However, opening this book has taken me on a completely new journey. It captures in such a beguiling way not just the amazing changing scenery you will see travelling through Wales but also the many shades of mood and feeling that you will encounter along the way. Pick up this book and I guarantee you will be encouraged to visit Wales. You will also be tempted to bring a camera to try to capture some of the beauty this book contains.’ (Amazon review)


‘You don’t see too many black and white landscape books and Wilson’s is a real beauty. Journeying from Snowdonia in the north to the Gower in the south, with plenty of photogenic stops along the way, this book reveals – in over 150 monochrome images – the diversity and unmistakable character of Wales. Each of the 36 locations covered within the book has its own introductory paragraph or two, which details Wilson’s experiences, and there are some handy tips on technique and composition. Lovely as they are, you don’t really need these little insights as the photographs speak for themselves and are clearly imbued with Wilson’s love of his native land.’ (Amazon review)


‘If capturing the heart of Wales was David Wilson’s intention, then he has here created a masterpiece. Never have I seen Wales portrayed in such rugged and basic beauty. I know how beautiful Wales is, having lived there for the first 21 years of my life, and indeed some of the pictures David has produced portray my old stomping grounds as a child (Neuadd, Pontsticill), but the grit and honesty in these pictures are astonishing. The book is truly wonderful and a must for any photographer’s collection. Only problem is .. I’m now homesick!’ (Amazon review)



‘David Wilson has become one of Wales’ most interesting photographers and his stunning images have captured the county he loves. You only achieve this kind of work when you know what to look for and wait patiently for the light and shade to be just right.’ (Huw Edwards, foreword)


‘This book is lovely, small and compact but with heaps of beautiful black and white photos of the place I am lucky enough to call home. A quality hardback book with text and images. Lovely to flick through and spot my friends!! Pembrokeshire is a small place, if you haven’t been you need to, have been you need to come back. This book will help you see why. Heaven!’ (Amazon review)


‘A beautiful and fascinating book! You can enjoy it on so many levels: browse David Wilson’s stunning photos, dip into a chapter, or immerse yourself Jamie Owen’s perceptive descriptions of Pembrokeshire past and present. Highly recommended.’ (Amazon review)


‘A stunning collection of photographs and accompanying narrative. Recommended for anyone who appreciates top class photography and the Welsh landscape.’ (Amazon review)


‘THE STARLINGS & OTHER STORIES’ (12 Stories inspired by David Wilson photographs by the Murder Squad and Accomplices): Editor ANN CLEVES

‘As luck would have it, each of us is familiar with this stunning part of Wales – through leisurely childhood holidays or snatched weekends away. When we got to view David Wilson’s work, the sense of excitement was instant. These weren’t the cosy compositions of tourist shop tea-towels. The images were starkly arresting. By his own admission, David’s photographs – beautiful as they are – often carry ‘an eerie sense of foreboding’. Brooding woods emerge from pale mist. Lonely farmsteads are threatened by stormy skies. Troubled seas lunge violently at the shore. Even when the natural elements are at peace, the photographs have dramatic power. An abandoned building leaves you wondering what happened to those who once lived there. Did that solitary boat lying out on the mudflats run aground under the cover of the night? What things has that sentinel-like stone witnessed, standing as it has for countless centuries…

Reactions from Murder Squad members included the words ‘bewitching’, ‘enchanting’ and ‘haunting’. Each photograph ‘seemed to whisper of stories aching to be told’. The twelve of us chose an image. Then we went away, promising that, several months down the line, we’d return with a short story influenced by crime. The result is this anthology The Starlings & Other Stories.

It’s been fun. And we hope that what we’ve written captures some of the mystery and magic that made David’s photographs such an inspiration for us all.’ (Chris Simms, foreword)


‘The concept is simple enough. Give 12 writers a photo each, get them to write a short inspired by it and publish the collection. But these are David Wilson’s brilliant dark brooding photographs of rural Pembrokeshire: of decaying farmhouses, low angles, leafless trees and threatening skies. And the authors are the Murder Squad and Accomplices, a group of seasoned award winning crime and thriller writers. The book is heavy as each story is preceded by a high quality copy of the Wilson photograph the author was inspired by. I devoured the book in one sitting, a breathless set of glittering well crafted mysteries twisting, surprising, shocking and moving. Loved it.’ (Amazon review)


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