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david wilsonMy love of photography began when I bought my first camera aged seventeen.  I spent many carefree days riding around Pembrokeshire on my motorbike with my 35mm Canon and an ordnance survey map, learning to take photographs while exploring the coast and countryside.  Due to my habit of colliding with objects the motorbike is now history, but my passion for photography is as strong as ever.

The landscape of Pembrokeshire and Wales provides an idyllic playground for a black and white landscape photographer. In my work I seek to capture the country’s many different faces; the windswept coast of mid-winter, a derelict farm cottage, the faded grandeur of a rural chapel or the rugged contours of a mountain pass.  The story of Wales is told through its landscape and it is this narrative that I seek to capture in my work.

‘These are powerful images. They remind us that rural Wales has a stark and demanding beauty.’
Griff Rhys Jones in his foreword to ‘Wales: A Photographer’s Journey’

My favourite seasons for photography are late autumn, winter and early spring when the sun’s arc is low in the sky, each composition enhanced by highlight and shadow.  Those seasons are also blessed with ‘proper’ weather: rain coming at you side-on; wind that threatens to cut you in half; frosts that numb the extremities.

I was brought up in Haverfordwest and now live a few miles downstream in the riverside village of Llangwm with my wife Anna and our sons Charlie and Harry.  With the water just a stone’s throw from our back garden, it provides endless inspiration.  On a clear morning I often head along the foreshore and round the corner to Port Lion for sunrise.  It’s a wonderfully solitary experience, knowing it’s just me, the crisp early morning air and occasionally the village’s resident gaggle of geese who have made Llangwm their home.

Thank you for viewing my site and I hope you enjoy my work.

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