Pembrokeshire Beaches Triptych

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Three individual prints of 400mm x 265mm of complementary views of glorious Pembrokeshire beaches sold as a Triptych offering a great saving compared to the purchase of single prints

The prints: –

Broad Haven South






The triptych: –

Broad Haven South, Pembrokeshire, West Wales

Just along the coast from Barafundle this is another glorious beach. As you can see the processing of this image has resulted in an entirely different feel and mood to the Barafundle photo. I love the almost pure blacks and whites in this very contrasty image. It’s all about the shapes really.

Whitesands, Pembrokeshire, West Wales

I’ve been after a photograph that I feel truly captures the essence of Whitesands for ages and at last I think I’ve got it with this one.

Newgale, Pembrokeshire, West Wales

A rare opportunity to capture a truly black storm brewing. The sun was dipping behind the darkest of clouds while a sheet of rain drenches St Davids Head to the right. A subject such as this, with its limited range of tones, works perfectly in black and white.

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400mm x 265mm (15.75 x 10.5 inches)

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