As much as I adore monochrome photography – trust me, it really is quite an addiction! – I think it’s important in life to explore the broader parameters of any specialism including photography. With that in mind I’ve been opening myself up to new photographic experiences of late, colour.

colour door

More particularly I’ve been drawn to shooting aged and derelict features and structures….in colour. Rust in monochrome simply doesn’t work. Peeling paint fails to communicate any sense of deterioration in black and white. Quite simply when it comes to capturing the weathering of the man-made environment it has to be colour. And I am absolutely loving the results. Who knows, there could even be a book to come!

colour wooden detail

Over the years my monochrome photography has taken me to many wonderfully derelict and abandoned locations.  And my enjoyment promises to be twofold from now on as I acknowledge the rich hues and colours in my midst.  Never too late to learn!

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